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Grau en Biotecnologia - UdL 2 TÈCNIQUES INSTRUMENTALS
Grau en Ciència i Tecnologia d'Aliments - UdL 4 MÈTODES AVANÇANTS D'ANÀLISI D'ALIMENTS


Grup de recerca: Unitat de Biotecnologia i Bioeconomia Agraria /Agricultural Biotechnology and Bioeconomy Unit (ABBU)
Tesis Any Direcció
Towards waste valorization: Recovery of valuable compounds from animal by-products and opportunities of application 2021 Eras Joli, Jordi; Villorbina Noguera, Gemma
New contributions to the preparation of compounds derived from L-cysteine with biological activity 2017 Jordi Eras Joli/Mercè Balcells Fluvià
Development and application of analytical methods to characterise processed fruit and vegetable products 2017 Jordi Eras Joli/Mercè Balcells Fluvià
Síntesis y aplicaciones de acrilatos polimerizables mediante interesterificación quimioenzimática 2013 Mercè Torres i Grifo/Jordi Eras Joli
Glicerol en la preparació d'esters de clorohidrina i derivats 2010 Canela Garayoa, Ramon; Eras Joli, Jordi
Aplicacions sintètiques i analítiques de l'alcohòlisi d'èsters catalitzada amb clorotrimetilsilà 2003 Canela Garayoa, Ramon; FerranCalderó, X.
Publicacions Any Autors Tipus
Introducing lipophilicity to (polyhydroxyalkyl)thiazolidine carboxylic acids via acylation 2022 Novo Fernández, Olalla; Oliveros Gómez, Diego; Canela Garayoa, Ramon; Balcells Fluvià, Mercè; Méndez Arteaga, Jonh J. ; Eras Joli, Jordi Article d'investigació
A simple and fast method for metabolomic analysis by gas liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry 2021 Cosovanu, D.; Llovera, M.; Villorbina, G.; Canela Garayoa, R.; Eras, J. Article d'investigació
Anti-Inflammatory, Analgesic Activities, and Phytochemical Study of Traganum nudatum Delile 2021 Benhassine, Ikram; Ouafi, Saida; Eras Joli, Jordi; Harratb, Zoubir ; Bouslama, Zihad; Canela Garayoa, Ramon Article d'investigació
Why are processed vegetable foodstuffs not as green as raw? Following the fate of chlorophylls 2020 Eras Joli, Jordi Publicació electrònica
Rice-Associated Rhizobacteria as a Source of Secondary Metabolites against Burkholderia glumae 2020 Giann Carlos Peñaloza Atuesta; Walter Murillo Arango; Jordi Eras; Diego Fernándo Oliveros; Jonh Jairo Méndez Arteaga Article d'investigació
Compounds released from unused biodegradable mulch materials after contact with water 2020 H. Serrano Ruíz; J. Eras; L. Martín Closas; A.M. Pelacho Article d'investigació
Pigments in an iridescent bacterium, Cellulophaga fucicola, isolated from Antarctica 2019 Tiago R. Silva; Ramon Canela-Garayoa; Jordi Eras; Marili V. N. Rodrigues; Fábio N. dos Santos; Marcos N. Eberlin; Iramaia A. Neri-Numa; Glaucia M. Pastore; Renata S. N. Tavares; Hosana M. Debonsi; Lor Article d'investigació
Chemical Characterization and Biotechnological Applicability of Pigments Isolated from Antarctic Bacteria 2019 Silva, TR; Tavares,RSN; Canela-Garayoa, R; Eras, J; Rodrigues, MVN; Neri-Numa, IA; Pastore,GM; Rosa, LH; Schultz, JAA; Debonsi, HM; Cordeiro, LRG; Oliveira, VM Article d'investigació
Combined Analysis of Primary Metabolites and Phenolic Compounds to Authenticate Commercial Monovarietal Peach Purees and Pear Juices 2019 Delpino-Rius, A: Eras, J; Gatius, F; Balcells, M; Canela-Garayoa, R Article d'investigació
A fast and reliable ultrahigh-performance liquid chromatography method to assess the fate of chlorophylls in teas and processedvegetable foodstuff 2018 Antoni Delpino-Rius; Diana Cosovanul Jordi Eras; Francesca Vilaró; Mercè Balcells; Ramon Canela-Garayoa Article d'investigació
Bulk industrial fruit fibres. Characterization and prevalence of the original fruit metabolites 2018 Antoni Delpino-Rius; Alexis Marsol-Vall; Jordi Eras; Montse Llovera; Miguel Ángel Cubero; Mercè Balcells; Ramon Canela-Garayoa Article d'investigació
Elongation of the Hydrophobic Chain as a Molecular Switch:Discovery of Capsaicin Derivatives and Endogenous Lipids as Potent Transient Receptor Potential Vanilloid Channel 2 Antagonists 2018 Schiano Moriello, A.; López Chinarro, S.; Novo Fernández, O.; Eras, J.; Amodeo, P.; Canela-Garayoa, R.; Vitale, RM.; Di Marzo, V.; De Petrocellis, L. Article d'investigació
Development of a SBSE-TD method coupled to GC-MS and chemometrics for the differentiation of variety and processing conditions in peach juices 2018 Marsol-Vall, A.; Balcells, M.; Eras, J.; Canela-Garayoa, R. Article d'investigació
Dispersive liquid-liquid microextraction and injection-portderivatization for the determination of free lipophilic compounds infruit juices by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry 2017 Alexis Marsol-Vall, Mercè Balcells, Jordi Eras, Ramon Canela-Garayoa Article d'investigació
Prevalence of pesticides in postconsumer agrochemical polymeric packaging 2017 Eras J., Costa J., Vilaro F., Pelacho A.M., Canela-Garayoa R., Martin-Closas L. Article d'investigació
Volatile composition and enantioselective analysis of chiral terpenoids of nine fruit and vegetable fibres resulting from juice industry by-products 2017 Marsol-Vall, A; Sgorbini, B; Cagliero, C; Bicchi, C; Eras, J; Balcells, M Article d'investigació
Ionic compounds derived from crude glycerol: thermal energy storage capability evaluation 2017 Escribà M; Barreneche C; Yara-Varón E; Eras J; Solé A; Tomàs A; Cabeza LF; Canela-Garayoa R Article d'investigació
Rapid gas chromatographic determination of free fatty acids in Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis L.) leaves 2016 Dallali S, Llovera M, Eras* J, Houcine S, Canela R. Article d'investigació
Combining a flow reactor with spray dryer to allow the preparation of food-grade quality sodium 2-polyhydroxyalkyl-1,3-thiazolidine-4-carboxylates with a low environmental impact 2016 Novo O, Balcells M, Canela-Garayoa R, Eras J. Article d'investigació
A rapid gas chromatographic injection-port derivatization method for the tandem mass spectrometric determination of patulin and 5-hydroxymethylfurfural in fruit juices 2016 Marsol-Vall A,Balcells M, Eras J, Canela-Garayoa R. Article d'investigació
Injection-port derivatization coupled to GC-MS/MS for the analysis of glycosylated and non-glycosylated polyphenols in fruit samples 2016 Marsol-Vall A,Balcells M, Eras J, Canela-Garayoa R. Article d'investigació
Comprehensive Two-dimensional Gas Chromatography Time-of-flight Mass Spectrometry to Assess the Presence of α,α-Trehalose and Other Disaccharides in Apple and Peach 2015 Alexis Marsol-Vall, Mercè Balcells, Jordi Eras, Ramon Canela-Garayoa Article d'investigació
Characterization of phenolic compounds in processed fibers from the juice industry 2015 Antoni Delpino-Rius, Jordi Eras, Francisca Vilaró, Miquel Angel Cubero , Mercè Balcells, Ramon Canela-Garayoa Article d'investigació
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy: An Alternative Fast Tool for Quantitative Analysis of the Solvent-free Ethanolysis of Coconut Oil Using Fungal Resting Cells 2014 Canela-Garayoa R, Yara-Varón E, Balcells M, Torres M, Eras J. Article d'investigació
Entrapment in polymeric material of resting cells of Aspergillus flavus with lipase activity. Application to the synthesis of ethyl laurate 2014 Yara-Varón E; Eras J; Torres M; Villorbina G; Espart A; Canela-Garayoa R. Article d'investigació
A Fast and Reliable UHPLC-PDA Method for Determination of Patulin in Apple Food Products Using QuEChERS Extraction 2014 Alexis Marsol-Vall; Antoni Delpino-Rius; Jordi Eras; Mercè Balcells; Ramon Canela-Garayoa Article d'investigació
Ultra-performance liquid chromatography analysis to study the changes in the carotenoid profile of commercial monovarietal fruit juices 2014 Antoni Delpino-Rius, Jordi Eras, Alexis Marsol-Vall, Francisca Vilaró, Mercè Balcells, Ramon Canela-Garayoa Article d'investigació
Lipase activity and enantioselectivity of whole cells from a wild-type Aspergillius flavus strain 2014 Solarte C, Yara-Varón E, Eras J, Torres M, Balcell M, Canela-Garayoa R. Article d'investigació
1H RMN: Una herramienta rápida para la cuantificación de la etanólisis sin solvente del aceite de coco mediante resting cells fúngicas 2014 Yara-Varón E.; Eras J.; Torres M.; Canela-Garayoa R. Article d'investigació
H3PO4/metal halide induces a one-pot solvent-free esterification-halogenation of glycerol and diols 2013 Escriba M, Eras J, Balcell M, Canela-Garayoa R. Article d'investigació
Biocatalytic preparation of dichloropropyl acrylates. Application to the synthesis of poly(dichloropropyl acrylates) 2013 Yara-Varón E; Eras J; Torres M; Balcells M; Villorbina G; Canela-Garayoa R. Article d'investigació
FATTY ACID COMPOSITION OF INCA PEANUT (Plukenetia volúbilis Linneo) AND ITS RELATIONSHIP WITH VEGETAL BIOACTIVITY 2012 Castaño D; Valencia P; Murillo E; Mendez JJ; Eras J;. Article d'investigació
UHPLC-MS Analysis of Juvenile Hormone II in Mediterranean Corn Borer (Sesamia nonagrioides) Hemolymph Using Various Ionization Techniques 2012 Vilaró F; Pérez-Hedo M; Eras J; Canela R; Eizaguirre M Article d'investigació
Solvent-free biocatalytic interesterification of acrylate derivatives 2012 Yara-Varón E; Eras J; Torres M; Sala N; Villorbina G; Méndez JJ; Canela-Garayoa R. Article d'investigació
Synthesis of poly(ethyl acrylate-co-allyl acrylates) from acrylate mixtures prepared by a continuous solvent-free enzymatic process 2012 Yara-Varón E; Eras J; Balcell M; Torres M; Canela-Garayoa R. Article d'investigació
Use of crude glycerol from biodiesel producers and fatty materials to prepare allyl esters 2011 Escribà M; Eras J; Villorbina G; Balcells M; Blanch C; Barniol N; Canela R Article d'investigació
Applying a continuous capillary-based process to the synthesis of 3-chloro-2-hydroxypropyl pivaloate 2011 Escribà M, Hessel V, Rothstock S, Eras J, Canela R, Löb P. Article d'investigació
From Symmetric Glycerol Derivatives to DissymmetricChlorohydrins 2011 Solarte C, Escribà M, Eras J, Villorbina G, Canela R, Balcells M Article d'investigació
Fast determination of oleic acid in pork by flow injection analysis/mass spectrometry 2011 Muñoz R; Vilaró F; Eras J; Estany J; Tor M. Article d'investigació
Determination of the iodine value of biodiesel using 1H NMR with 1,4-dioxane as an internal standard 2010 Oromí-Farrús M, Villorbina G, Eras J, Gatius F, Torres M, Canela R. Article d'investigació
Synthesis of Allyl Esters of Fatty Acids and Their Ovicidal Effect on Cydia pomonella (L.) 2009 Escribà M, Barbut M, Eras J, Canela R, Avilla J, Balcells M. Article d'investigació
A tandem Finkelstein-rearrangement-elimination reaction: a straightforward synthetic route to allyl esters 2009 Eras J, Escribà M, Villorbina G, Oromí-Farrús M, Balcells M, Canela R Article d'investigació
Combining AlCl3·6H2O and an ionic liquid to prepare chlorohydrin esters from glycerol 2009 Gemma Villorbina, Albert Tomàs, Marc Escribà, Mireia Oromí-Farrús, Jordi Eras, Mercè Balcells, Ramon Canela Article d'investigació
A rapid and reliable direct method for quantifying meat acylglycerides with monomode microwave irradiation 2009 Tomás A, Tor M, Villorbina G, Canela R, Balcells M, Eras J. Article d'investigació
From Glycerol to Chlorohydrin Esters using a Solvent-free System. Microwave Irradiation versus Conventional Heating 2009 Escribà M, Eras J, Duran M, Simon S, Butchosa C, Villorbina G, Balcells M, Canela R. Article d'investigació
Preparation of (S)-1-Halo-2-octanols Using Ionic Liquids and Biocatalysts 2009 Oromí-Farrús M, Eras J, Sala N, Torres M, Canela R. Article d'investigació
Direct Quantitation of Fatty Acids Present in Bacteria and Fungi: Stability of the Cyclopropane Ring to Chlorotrimethylsilane 2008 Eras J, Oró R, Torres M, Canela R. Article d'investigació
[BMIM][PF6]Promotes the Synthesis of Halohydrin Esters from Diols Using Potassium Halides 2008 Oromí-Farrús M, Eras J, Villorbina G, Torres M, Llopis-Mestre V, Welton T, Canela R. Article d'investigació
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Chlorotrimethylsilane, a suitable reagent for the esterification of diverse carboxilic acids 2007 Eras J; Vilaró; Canela R. Article d'investigació
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Six years after the commercial introduction of Bt maize in Spain: field evaluation, impact and future prospects 2006 Eizaguirre M, Albajes R, López C, Eras J, Lumbierres B, Pons X. Article d'investigació
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Chlorotrimethylsilane - A reagent for the direct analysis of fats and paste samples 2004 Eras J, Dolcet A, Ferran J, Canela R. Article d'investigació
Chlorotrimethylsilane, a reagent for the direct quantitative analysis of fats and oils present in vegetable and meat samples 2004 Eras J, Ferran J, Perpiña B, Canela R. Article d'investigació
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Reactivity of thienopyrroles. Synthesis of isomeric nitro and bromothienopyrroles 1984 Eras J, Galvez C, Garcia F. Article d'investigació